5 Ways Subscription Businesses Can Thrive in Uncertain Times

Live Webinar • Wednesday, April 15th • 2pm ET

Robert Skrob

Robert Skrob
PRESIDENT at Membership Services, Inc.

Kathy Greenler Sexton

Kathy Greenler Sexton
CEO at Subscription Insider

Taking strategic actions is the key to growing recurring revenue during uncertain times. This session reveals the few vital actions subscription business leaders should take immediately to focus their team and themselves on growth over the next few months. 

After 10 years of year-over-year growth, few subscription businesses are prepared to continue to grow during an economic downturn. As individuals look for ways to cut costs, and businesses consider layoffs, cutting back on recurring subscriptions could become an easy place to cut back.

This webinar focuses on how you can optimize the retention of each of your members, focus on increasing member lifetime value and continue to grow your recurring revenue even as others are getting cut back. 

This Online Seminar Starts In


The entire world has changed
within the last two weeks.

Closed businesses are going to lead to layoffs. Layoff fears will lead consumers and businesses to cut back on expenses. Unfortunately, some will choose to cancel subscriptions to save money.

Subscription business leaders are sorting themselves into three categories:

1.     Scared – Watching the news, blaming the Chinese, blaming politicians, frozen by the negative media and not taking fast enough action.

2.    Resolute – Pressing forward, “spitting into the eye of the witch,” so focused on moving forward they don’t understand everything around them has changed.

3.    Strategic – Making new plans based on a different world. Protecting their staff, initiating stronger relationships with subscribers and focused on coming out of this stronger than when it started.

Numbers 1 and 2 above are reactive. Number 3 is proactive. This call will focus on being proactive and strategic from now on.

Here are the details for the call: 

Topic:            5 Ways Subscription Businesses Can Thrive in Uncertain Times
Date:             Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Time:             2 pm – 3:30 pm, Eastern time

Our Experts

Robert Skrob

Robert Skrob of Membership Services, Inc.

For more than two decades, Robert Skrob has helped hundreds of membership programs launch and then grow from start-ups to some of the largest membership and subscription companies in the world. After beginning his career as the leading membership growth expert for nonprofits and political organizations, in 2004 Robert pioneered monthly continuity subscriptions with for-profit membership and subscription programs. His profound understanding of what members ardently want from their membership relationships enables him to help you build connections with members that last for years. In a world in which excessive churn rates are all too common and even accepted, Robert is able to transform subscription programs from what he calls “a series of one-night stands” into long-term relationships.  

Kathy Greenler Sexton

Kathy Greenler Sexton of Subscription Insider 

Kathy Greenler Sexton is the CEO & Publisher of Subscription Insider, a media company uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions. Subscription Insider reports on daily subscription economy news and delivers best-practice information, training and research through memberships, training events and conferences. Subscription entrepreneurs and executives representing all sectors of the subscription economy depend on Subscription Insider to improve decision making, team skills, and business profitability.

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