COVID-19: Early Insights on Trends, Trials, and Growth Implications for Subscription Businesses

COVID-19 has reshaped the subscription landscape, increasing economic uncertainty and volatility and either directly or indirectly impacting companies across the globe. And for subscription and recurring revenue businesses, there are unique challenges and considerations. What does COVID-19 mean for subscription businesses? How do you adapt your business to acquire, retain, and optimize subscriber revenue in this new and changing landscape? 

With a research arm spanning thousands of merchants and multiple industries, Recurly has been tracking developments and measuring the impacts of Coronavirus on acquisition, churn, and growth rates since the beginning. 

Actionable topics to be addressed by our panel in this hour-long webinar include:

  • Benchmarks, trends, and impacts on acquisition, growth, and retention
  • What’s required to acquire and convert subscribers in a post-pandemic landscape
  • How to adapt your business to increase LTV and drive subscriber growth

Attend this session for actionable insights
that can immediately help your organization adapt to ongoing uncertainty and future opportunities. Determine what’s next for your subscription business and how you succeed during COVID-19 and after.


Wednesday, July 15

1:00 PM EST, 10:00 AM PST, 6:00 PM BST, 10:30 PM IST

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This Online Seminar Starts In


 Get Data Insights on the Most Current Subscription Trends Coming out of COVID-19

Who Should Attend? 

  • Any subscription executive who is trying to adjust to the new landscape
  • CEOs and leaders who want to minimize the negative revenue impact of current market trends
  • This session is relevant to all types of subscription business models and stages of business 

Learn from our experts as they give practical tips you can use in your daily efforts to retain more subscribers and more importantly, come armed with your questions!  

Our Experts


About Emma Clark, Chief Of Staff, Head of Strategic Initiatives

With a background in data analytics and product management at Recurly, Emma Clark focuses on identifying new and emerging trends in subscription commerce and advising businesses on effective strategies to operationalize and optimize their recurring billing and subscriptions. Prior to Recurly, Emma was an analyst and product manager at JP Morgan Chase.


About Kathy Greenler Sexton, CEO, Subscription Insider 

Kathy Greenler Sexton is the CEO & Publisher of Subscription Insider, a media company uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions. Subscription Insider reports on daily subscription economy news and delivers best-practice information, training and research through memberships, training events and conferences. Subscription entrepreneurs and executives representing all sectors of the subscription economy depend on Subscription Insider to improve decision making, team skills and business profitability. Learn more at and