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Recurring Payments Fundamentals 


With Payment Expert, Melanie Stout, PLC  

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Understand How to Set-up and Manage Subscriber Recurring Payments

Get smarter about the heart of your subscription business, your recurring revenue engine.

Many companies spend too much on payment processing, have too many failed payments, or worse yet, do not have the tools or understanding to manage failed payments using current best practices. 

Our on-demand training, Recurring Payment Fundamentals, features leading payment expert Melanie Stout from the consulting firm Paul Larsen Consulting LLC (PLC). She will lead this online course and guide attendees through the essentials of how recurring payments work, starting with basics and work through to sophisticated topics such as chargeback handling and KPI monitoring. 

Recurring Payment Fundamentals is perfect for anyone who is looking to understand the basics of setting up and managing recurring payments for their subscription business from:

  • how payments work, 
  • the vendors, 
  • the tools, 
  • essential strategies, 
  • checklists, and 
  • systems necessary to make sure your business is set up correctly.  

This training will also include essential payment metrics your business needs to track, what they mean, and how to diagnose the most common recurring payment problems.  

Recurring Payments Fundamentals 


With Payment Expert, Melanie Stout, PLC  

What We Are Covering

The biggest mistake companies new to subscriptions make when it comes to recurring payments? It is thinking a subscription payment is the same as an ecommerce payment. That is a costly mistake! Recurring subscription payments are different than ecommerce, from how you set them up, the vendors you utilize, how you track them and how you manage them.  

Recurring Payment Fundamentals is an online course on February 13th from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Eastern.  

Melanie Stout, Partner at PLC and leading expert in "Card-Not-Present" (CNP) recurring payments will lead your training. You will have the opportunity to participate and ask questions throughout the training, so come armed with your questions!

Here is the outline:



  • What are terms you need to understand?
  • Understand the recurring payments glossary.  


  • What is the recurring payment technology "stack"? 
  • Who are the vendors involved in each step of a recurring transaction flow?  


  • What is the subscription transaction flow? 
  • Where are all the points where something could break down?
  • What are recurring payment best practices?  


  • How do you manage declines for initial orders versus renewal orders?
  • Tracking & understanding
  • Do you manage different types of payments and payment cards differently?  


  • What are chargebacks and the reasons for them.
  • What chargeback rates are acceptable?
  • Fraud tools and chargeback management.
  • Tracking  


  • What are the types of costs you will be paying for with each transaction?
  • Who is charging you?
  • What to look for in regards to processing fees.  


  • What are the payment metrics a business needs to track? 
  • What are the KPIs you need to master?
  • A dashboard?  


  • Do vendors, strategies or tactics change if a company is just starting out versus converting from ecomm to recurring (e.g. they have a higher transaction flow) 
  • Do vendors, strategies or tactics change if a company is a subscription box, SaaS, media or other type of recurring revenue company?  


If your business is launching a recurring product, you are new to subscriptions, or you just need a refresher, this is a great course to understand the fundamentals of the recurring payments that are at the heart of revenue creation in your business!


Melanie  Stout, Partner, PLC

About Melanie Stout of PLC 

As a Partner at PLC, LLC, leading experts in "card-not-present" recurring payments and Pulse Payments Analytics, Melanie Stout brings her recurring payments expertise to optimize payments outcomes for hundreds of subscription merchants. 

This expertise has been honed through decades of leading the Product and Marketing teams at subscription businesses across multiple verticals, including SaaS and direct to consumer companies. 

PLC, LLC exists to maximize the lifetime value of subscriptions by helping to crush credit card-caused churn. The company's mission is to serve the community of subscription merchants by optimizing their bottom-line credit card processing results through the application of the recurring industry's best practices in the most effective ways. PLC delivers fine-tuned tools and weapons to more than 400 subscription merchants, including, Angie's List, Audible, Conde Nast, Disney, Dollar Shave Club, and Ipsy.

Recurring Payments Fundamentals 


With Payment Expert, Melanie Stout, PLC