How to Secure Budget for Your Subscription Retention-Focused Initiatives
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From Gridlock to Go: How to Secure Budget for Subscriber Retention Initiatives

Does your CFO always say no to your budget requests?  

Learn what your CFO needs to hear so you can secure budget for your Subscriber Retention Initiatives.  

Join us on December 13th to get inside the mind of a CFO, understand how they prioritize expenditures, and learn how to convince them to loosen the purse strings for your engagement and retention programs!

Thursday, Dec. 13th

1:00 PM EDT, 10:00 AM PDT

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Ever hear the joke about the Subscription CFO and the CMO stuck in an elevator?  

If the CMO wasn't ready for it ... it doesn't end well! 

Make a compelling business case for your subscriber engagement and retention programs. Learn from on-demand CFO and recurring revenue expert, Denice Sakakeeny, as she teaches us the playbook for securing your budget.

When it comes to budget proposals, Denice has seen it all. The good, the bad, and the ugly. She understands what retention initiatives will actually move the needle, and the best way to educate your executive team (especially your CFO) to get them funded. She will answer all your questions, including: 

  • What types of engagement and retention programs should I include in my marketing plan?
  • How should I pitch retention programs to my CFO?
  • What size budget can I reasonably expect for customer engagement?

Who Should Attend? 

  • Executives at subscription and membership organizations who want to understand how to evaluate retention programs within their organization 
  • Marketers of SaaS; OTT and Streaming Subscriptions; Subscription Boxes; Media and Publishing Subscriptions; Subscription Games and Apps; and other subscription, membership, or service with recurring revenue  
  • Executives interested in subscription payments, retention marketing, ecommerce, and recurring-revenue operations  
  • Early-stage, scaling, and mature subscription companies
  • And yes, all subscription, membership, and recurring-revenue CMOs and CFOs .

Our Guest Expert

Denice Sakakeeny photo

About Denice Sakakeeny of Denice Sakakeeny & Associates 

Denice Sakakeeny is a sought-after operational consultant with decades of experience guiding SaaS organizations through every phase of their lifecycle. Denice helps companies in transition tackle complex challenges, implement a SaaS business model, effectuate or prepare for an asset sale, convert a freemium offering to a revenue-generating product, and analyze the risks and cash impact of key resourcing decisions.  

Clients hire Denise to address specific corporate finance needs, perform general CFO functions or support the in-house CFO, facilitate business transformations, or make strategic decisions regarding pricing, distribution, revenue, human resources, accounting, and other operations.  

She has held finance leadership positions at a dozen privately-held software and high-tech companies globally, including such venture-backed companies as Intronis, Ordermotion (acquired by NetSuite), and HubX (acquired by SynXis), and Aspen Technology (AZPN). Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: @DeniceSakakeeny  

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