Growing Recurring Subscription Revenue
During These Challenging Times with
Subscription Insider's Subscription Fundamentals: RETENTION
Online Workshop featuring Robert Skrob.

Television experts and personal finance gurus are telling everyone to cancel subscriptions during difficult times.

For many subscription businesses, that recurring revenue you’ve loved receiving each month is about to stop. And, I’ve lived through this in 2008 and I don’t want to see the massive subscription crash that I witnessed back then. 

However, many subscription businesses growing right now, even during these uncertain times.  And, it’s not because they are lucky or in a special industry with a spike in demand. That exists out there, but these subscription businesses are growing because they’ve cemented a relationship with their members, so those people won’t give it up.  Subscribers will argue with their boss, accountant or spouse that you can cut anything else, but do not cut this one.

This is the relationship that I’ve helped hundreds of subscription businesses create. I’ve taught them how to Be Unleavable and I’m here today to show you the same. 

This simple, two-page Be Unleavable Membership Growth Plan reveals everything you need to become the subscription that cannot be canceled.

It’s the perfect tool to get every member of your team engaged in the same mission, excited about your plan as a leader and to quickly onboard new team members so they can contribute right away. 

The Be Unleavable system is perfect for any membership team that's tried growing recurring revenue in the past, but nothing appears to be working. Maybe you spent a lot of time creating great onboarding or changing your messaging, and it actually made matters worse.  Or, you are new to your role and you'd like to discover in four hours, what it normally takes 20-years to figure out by trial and error.  Or you are worried about communicating with your members, fearing that you might just remind them that they wanted to quit. This will help you turn all of that around.

Why do so many brilliant businesspeople struggle to grow subscription revenue beyond their growth plateaus?

No one teaches you subscription business analysis within MBA programs or anywhere else. You were very insightful to jump into this new, evolving business opportunity. But now let’s backfill some important information your team must have to scales your business.

To help you "Be Unleavable" so you can breakthrough membership growth plateaus, Kathy Greenler Sexton and I are working together to create the Subscription Insider Subscription Fundamentals: RETENTION Course.

This virtual workshop consists of three one-hour training sessions, plus time for Q&A to answer your questions.

April 22, 2020 at 2:00 pm, Eastern
Module 1:
Clarity, Insight, and Coordination: A Two-Page Membership Growth Plan

Whenever a subscription growth plan is involved, it’s usually a many page, bloated, confusing mess. Confusion generates too many conflicting opinions. Getting everyone on your team aligned around one simple plan is the key to fast action. It’s finally possible with this proven, two-page, Be Unleavable Membership Growth Plan.

After you join us, forward the invitation for this workshop to each of the appropriate members of your team. Everyone will have a copy of the Be Unleavable Membership Growth Plan.

I’ll walk everyone through how it works and where you get the answers to each of these questions. Plus, you’ll have a recording of the workshop to refer back to.

If anyone has any questions they can ask. Then afterward, you can host a quick call to get everyone together and delegate the individual parts to the best person. 

When complete, you are invited to send a copy of your Be Unleavable Membership Growth Plan for review. I’ll let you know about any quick win opportunities that your team may not have caught. 

Support for you and your team is included as part of the workshop. 

April 29, 2020 at 2:00 pm, Eastern
Module 2:
Keep Members for Years Instead of Weeks by Delivering What They Really Want

More stuff is not what your members want. Most subscription marketers focus too much time and attention on what they deliver rather than on what their members really want. When you understand what your members are deeply in need of, they will not only stay but also tell their friends about you. This module reveals the 10 reasons most membership programs fail and what you can do to avoid these frustrating subscription mistakes.

May 6, 2020 at 2:00 pm, Eastern
Module 3:
Break Through Plateaus and Triple Recurring Revenue Growth with the Member Journey Optimizer

Discover “quick win” opportunities to increase your recurring revenue. Optimizing each step in your new member journey is the fastest way to identifying your biggest membership growth opportunities. In this module you’ll discover how to map, measure, and optimize like the best membership managers in the world.

To accelerate your implementation you’ll receive a copy of my 100 Day New Member Communication Plan document. It helps you organize your entire team around one communication strategy. This way you are deluging new members with too many emails. And, you are abandoning them to incommunicado either.

This document helps your team map email, social, snail mail, SMS, app notifications and everything else into one place. As you’ll see in the workshop optimizing the first 100 days of your new member communication is the single fastest way to increase your member retention and lifetime value.

This project will enable you to improve everything you deliver to your members, create a better new member offer that converts at a higher rate and increase your revenue.


At the end of these three sessions you’ll have:

  • A team united together, having made the decisions necessary so you can implement your Be Unleavable Membership Growth Plan.
  • You have optimized each step of your new member journey to keep more of the members you generate.
  • A refreshed new member offer to increase your conversion rate amid the distraction that’s going on right now.
  • A completed 100-day communications plan, that your team is behind and outlined to help them get it implemented more quickly.
  • Be well on your way to make your business stronger after this than it was when all this started.

Our mission is to accelerate your growth, help break through membership plateaus and grow your recurring revenue. 

While each module could easily cost $495.00 each.  Especially considering the revenue impact increasing subscriber retention will have on your business.  However, because this is more of a mission that a money-maker, back in February when we first discussed this workshop we were planning to charge only $495.00 for this entire 3-module program. 

However, because we’ve entered a challenging environment, we want to completely eliminate money from your consideration.  To make this so inexpensive it’s a total no-brainer. We are putting the growth of your business ahead of any financial concerns we have.  Kathy and I are both dedicated to fostering long-term relationships with you and helping the subscription world grow.

Thus, your investment for this series is only $295.00. 

But that’s not all.  I’ll also include a bonus workshop to ensure you have the cash flow numbers you need:

May 13, 2020 at 2:00 pm, Eastern
Bonus Module: 
Membership Math™ Fundamentals
Membership reporting that provides the best management insights, the biggest optimization opportunities, and the most promising cash flow forecasts for higher company valuations is the key to optimizing subscription growth. It’s only possible, however, through the Membership Math™ bonus training.

After completing this bonus module you’ll

  • Project the cash flow impact of retention rate changes.
  • Know what you can afford to spend to acquire a new member based on your subscriber lifetime value
  • Measure how quickly you recover your marketing investment.
  • Estimate how much you should budget for marketing to achieve your growth goals.
  • Be able to demonstrate how your retention rates, member acquisition costs and member lifetime value your cash flow forecasts for your internal planning as well as discussions with investors.

Also, just like your Be Unleavable Membership Growth Plan, you are welcomed to send your cash flow forecast worksheet a confidential review.  Or, if your people get stuck completing it I’m happy to answer questions via email to get unstuck.  

All that and your investment still only $295.00. Yes, ridiculously cheap right?


What’s the risk of not acting?

Are you confident you are keeping all the members you should be retaining? Are there months where you have more dropped members than new members? Are you hitting your membership growth targets? Sadly, for many subscription businesses, it’s only going to get worse.

Rallying your team around one clear plan is more important than ever right now. It’s not hype to say it’s a matter of life and death. 

This first workshop begins on April 29th at 2:00 pm, Eastern.  If you aren’t able to pull your team together at that exact time, don’t worry, the workshop will be recorded so you can watch it when you can pull everyone together.

April 29th at 2:00 pm is your deadline to join us.

Act before then or be locked out. And, locked out of this minimal investment to maximize your recurring revenue over the next several months with your Be Unleavable Membership Growth Plan.  

I look forward to seeing you at the first workshop.