Marketing Automation for Subscriptions
Kevin Novak, 2040 Digital

Member Briefing:  

Marketing Automation for Subscription Companies

Does your subscription company use marketing automation? 

Marketing automation across many organizations is often filled with buzzwords, poor understanding of its full capabilities, and false expectations. As such, many subscription organizations are struggling with how to effectively choose, implement, and leverage the power of the marketing automation systems that they have invested in.  

Join us on Thursday, Jan. 10 at 1 PM when we explore why implementing marketing automation is so hard for subscription companies. We will discuss misconceptions, specific technology platforms, explode some truth bombs holding your company back, and most importantly, take your questions.  

This member-only briefing will also provide you with a blueprint for choosing the correct marketing automation solution for your subscription company.  

Thursday, Jan. 10

1:00 PM EDT, 10:00 AM PDT

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Marketing Automation for Subscription Companies

With marketing and technology expert Kevin Novak, CEO, of 2040 Digital. 

Typically, different parts of a subscription organization have varying understandings of what marketing automation is and can do. As such, many subscription organizations are struggling with how to effectively choose, implement, and leverage the power of the marketing automation systems that they have invested in.  

In this Subscription Insider member-only briefing, we will explore: 

  • What is Marketing Automation? 
  • What it the Total Cost of Ownership for Typical Marketing Automation Platforms?
  • What Do Companies Typically Get Right? Where Do They Go Wrong?
  • How Does Marketing Automation Impact Different Parts of Your Organization?
  • How To Self-Assess Your Organizations' Use of Marketing Automation and Effectiveness.
  • What Are The Right Questions To Ask Potential Marketing Automation Vendors?
  • How Do You Maximize Your Marketing Automation Investment?  

Who Should attend? 

  • Executives at subscription and membership organizations who want to understand marketing automation.
  • SaaS and Software subsription companies, OTT and Streaming subscription companies, Subscription Box companies, Media and Publishing subscription companies, subscription Gaming and APP companies, and other subscription, membership and recurring-revenue-based companies.
  • Executives, marketing teams, operation teams, IT, product teams, finance teams who are involved with, or have an interest in, technology, data, automation and revenue generation.
  • Early-stage, scaling, and mature subscription companies.
  • And yes, all subscription, membership and recurring-revenue CMOs are invited to attend.

Our Guest Expert

Kevin Novak, 2040 Digital

About Kevin Novak, CEO of 2040 Digital 

Does the topic of technology make you shudder? Does your technology staff or vendors speak in technical terms that make your head hurt? The technology universe is growing more complex by the day. New technology tools and platforms are being launched at a rapid pace creating opportunities for organizations seeking to better manage content, marketing, sales, audience development and management, subscription management and general operations. Whether you are a small, medium or large size business, I will help you discover what you need to know, what questions to ask, how to make the best choices, and what tools are the best for a variety of business needs.

Kevin, our Subscription Insider Guide to Leveraging Technology, is a 4 time International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) Webby Award winner. He is a digital and innovation expert and seasoned executive with over 18 years experience helping organizations transform in the new digital global world. 

He is currently CEO and Founder of 2040 Digital providing digital and business strategy consulting to businesses, non-profits and associations whose clients include the World Bank, American Geophysical Union, APIC, CAAE, NALP, AMDA, CDC and more.  

Before his recent endeavor, Kevin was the Vice President of Digital Strategy, Technology and New Business Development for the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Kevin was directly responsible for AIA's new business development strategy, partnerships and product development focused on maximizing existing revenue streams and developing new revenue sources. He was also directly responsible for the AIA's digital strategy emulated and realized through the web, mobile, and apps to serve the Architect membership, the Built Community, and the greater public.  

Kevin was formerly the Chief of Digital and Education Outreach at the Library of Congress. In this role, he created a strategy and a centralized web services division which lead the management and development of the Library's extensive website comprising over 22 million items digitized from its collections and served in a variety of multimedia formats. He provided leadership on many Library partnerships and initiatives including the World Digital Library, the Library of Congress Experience, and management of THOMAS legislative information service. He also led the Library's partnership with Flickr showcased via Flickr Commons, and strategic and technical projects and partnerships with One Laptop Per Child, Stanford University, Microsoft, and Google.  

Kevin is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Software Information Industry Association (SIIA), The American Business and Information Media Association (ABM) and the Board of the Specialized Information Publishing Association (SIPA).

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