Understand the New World of Chargebacks and Claims Resolution
Melanie  Stout, Partner, PLC

Member Briefing:  

Understand the New World of Chargebacks and Claims Resolution

Do you know what “friendly fraud” is and how it is impacting your subscription business? Do you have chargebacks? Are you befuddled by the new procedure for managing them such as the difference between an arbitration and a collaboration dispute? Do you know when and how to represent disputes?  

With a recurring revenue business (especially with card-not-present transactions for monthly and annual subscriptions) getting complaints, refund requests, and chargeback is part of what you need to manage. 

Join us on Nov. 28th to learn about the latest best practices and more importantly, what impact the new Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) requirements and Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) processes have had to date. 

Wednesday, Nov. 28th

1:00 PM EDT, 10:00 AM PDT

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Subscription Chargebacks and Claims Resolution

With recurring payment expert Melanie Stout, Partner at PLC.

How do you minimize the financial impact of complaints, refund requests, and chargebacks while keeping your subscribers happy? In this Subscription Insider member-only briefing, we will answer that question and also explore: 

  • What is Friendly Fraud? 
  • How Do Chargebacks Impact Your Subscription Business?
  • What Is Best Practice For Managing?  
  • What are the New Rules for Managing?  

Who Should attend? 

  • Executives at subscription and membership organizations who want to understand chargeback, friendly fraud and how to manage to avoid wasting revenue and team resources.
  • SaaS and Software subsription companies, OTT and Streaming subscription companies, Subscription Box companies, Media and Publishing subscription companies, subscription Gaming and APP companies, and other subscription, membership and recurring-revenue-based companies.
  • Executives, marketing teams, operation teams, IT, product teams, finance teams who are involved with, or have an interest in, technology, data, automation and revenue generation.
  • Early-stage, scaling, and mature subscription companies.

Our Guest Expert

Melanie  Stout, Partner, PLC

About Melanie Stout, Partner of PLC 

Melanie Stout is a Partner at PLC and works with card-not-present, recurring revenue merchants to increase the lifetime value of their customers. 

Melanie worked initially at Synapse Group almost 20 years ago blazing the trail for continuous service magazine subscriptions. After Synapse Group, Melanie successfully built and launched the first direct-to-consumer recurring revenue stream as Director of Marketing at WebMD.com. Prior to PLC, Melanie was the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for a SaaS-based healthcare IT company. With PLC, she has combined her knowledge of the subscription economy with B2C, B2B and B2P marketing, and has helped companies of all sizes optimize their payments and increase lifetime value of their consumers.

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