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Shri Mithran, Chargebee

Supercharge Subscription Growth through Great Subscriber Experiences

Do you know the financial impact of a good vs. poor subscriber experience on your business?  

Anyone (successful) in the world of subscriptions understands the many unique details we need to stay on top of in order to grow and scale our businesses.  

Most important? Our subscriber's experience with our business. Subscription businesses are built on the promise of recurring value and without that, businesses do not achieve their potential.  

Join us on Nov. 19 when we outline successful strategies to improve your subscriber's experience to grow revenue.  

Monday, Nov. 19th

12:00 PM EST, 9:00 AM PST, 5 PM GMT, 10:30 PM IST

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How to Create the Perfect Subscriber Experience to Grow Revenue

With Shri Mithran of Chargebee

In sharp contrast with one-off sales and the transactional business model, subscription businesses are built on the promise of recurring value. Naturally, this recurring nature brings into spotlight the business’ relationship with its customers. 

Great relationships translate into customer delight, longer retention, expansion and further into customer advocacy. Fostering such customer relationships require going beyond just delivering the core product or service. In other words, it requires delivering a delightful subscription experience.  

During this webinar, Shri will specifically educate attendees on:

  • What is subscription experience, explained through real-world examples.  
  • How would a good subscriber experience reflect on your acquisition and retention mechanism?
  • The financial impact of a good vs. poor subscriber experience. How will it translate into tangible business value?  
  • What do you need to deliver the subscription experience?  

Who Should attend? 

  • SaaS companies, Subscription Box, Subscription Commerce, media, membership and digital services. 
  • Subscription-based companies who are looking to scale their subscription growth predictably and consistently.
  • Executives, Customer Success leaders and retention professionals from Subscription companies who care about Subscription Churn. 
  • Marketing and Product professionals who would want to leverage subscription experience as an acquisition lever and to provide better product onboarding experience. 

Our Guest Expert

Shri Mithran, Chargebee

About Shri Mithran, Marketing at Chargebee 

Shri Mithran is part of the marketing team at Chargebee. Chargebee, a recurring billing platform for subscription-based SaaS and eCommerce businesses, powers over 9,000 subscription-based companies. Being a product marketer at a company that pioneers the subscription industry, Shri will be sharing his learnings and best practices that have set up success for many of Chargebee’s customers.  

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