Finding and Fixing Leaks
in Your Revenue Bucket


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Join us for a fireside chat to help you uncover the biggest reasons you lose customers, and what to do to fix it. Subscription Insider welcomes Michael Daley, Global VP Solution Evangelist at Vindicia, and guest speaker Rajeev Raman, CEO of Redfast, for a casual, in-depth discussion of how keeping your customers is always cheaper than finding new ones and industry best practices to reduce active and passive churn.

Your take-aways?

  • Learn from the Redfast experience of successfully managing today's challenges of subscriber churn and retention.
  • Learn strategies and tactics for keeping your subscribers longer, by optimizing retention and minimizing involuntary churn.

    Attend this session for insights that will immediately help your organization adopt new effective retention strategies and tactics. Determine what’s next for your subscription business and how you succeed during COVID-19 and after.
Rajeev Raman

Wednesday, October 28

1:00 PM EST, 10:00 AM PST, 6:00 PM BST, 10:30 PM IST

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This Online Seminar Starts In


 Finding and Fixing Leaks in Your Revenue Bucket

Who Should Attend? 

  • Executives working in recurring revenue, membership, and subscription companies, responsible for growing revenue, LTV, retention, and minimizing churn.

Learn from our experts as they give practical tips you can use in your daily efforts to retain more subscribers and more importantly, come armed with your questions!  

Our Experts

Rajeev Raman

About Rajeev Raman, CEO, Redfast

Rajeev is an experienced entrepreneur who brings strong product and design vision; a proven ability to build great teams; consistent execution; and a unique blend of vertical expertise in OTT, direct-to-consumer, cloud, and digital entertainment.

Rajeev is the Founder & CEO of Redfast, a venture backed startup. Redfast is a data-driven retention and engagement SaaS platform for subscription businesses. Redfast quantifies and tracks subscription usage at an individual level and uses variations in an individual's behavior to deliver targeted remedies that result in better retention and engagement.

About Michael Daley, Global VP Solution Evangelist, Vindicia

Mike is Vindicia’s Global VP Solution Evangelist, where he utilizes over 25 years of deep technical experience and ability to innovate to bring data-driven insights to our solutions teams. As the architect responsible for Vindicia’s Subscription Intelligence, Mike is looking forward to helping you understand how you can gain insight from your own subscription data to accelerate your business growth.

About Vivian Xie, Product Marketing Manager, Vindicia

As Product Marketing Manager at Vindicia, Vivian is constantly sharing industry knowledge. Previously, she lead product marketing at 500 Startups where she used her background in data analytics and growth marketing to bring to life company stories told by numbers. Familiar with a broad range of industries from fashion to blockchain to subscription churn, Vivian strives to create content that informs and delights. She holds degrees in economics, development studies and English literature from the University of California Berkeley.  

About Kathy Greenler Sexton, CEO, Subscription Insider 

Kathy Greenler Sexton is the CEO & Publisher of Subscription Insider, a media company uniquely focused on the business of subscriptions. Subscription Insider reports on daily subscription economy news and delivers best-practice information, training and research through memberships, training events and conferences. Subscription entrepreneurs and executives representing all sectors of the subscription economy depend on Subscription Insider to improve decision making, team skills and business profitability. Learn more at and