Subscription Business Webinars

3 Keys to Increasing Subscriber Loyalty

Thursday, May 26th at 1:30 PM Eastern.

The keys to growing subscriber lifetime value are often hidden in plain sight.

Join Subscription Insider CEO Kathy Greenler Sexton, along with FlexPay CEO Darryl Hicks, and best-selling author and subscription expert Robbie Kellman Baxter, as they explore these lifetime value keys and why they are so often overlooked.

You will learn three impactful ways to build and maintain higher subscription customer loyalty, which leads to increased retention, revenue growth, and profitability.

Learn How To:

  • Keep subscriber relationships fresh, engaging and wanting more
  • Identify false declines to avoid involuntary churn
  • Fill operational holes that typically lead to lost subscribers
  • Calculate the financial value of a recovered customer vs a single month’s recovered transaction

Who Should Attend? 

  • Anyone who wants to leverage operational data to lower churn
  • Anyone who wants to maximize subscriber retention
  • Anyone who wants to drive revenue growth in their recurring revenue business

Remember, we will be taking questions, so come armed for our live Q&A! Register for free now!

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Thursday, May 26th

at 1:30 PM Eastern, starting in:


Our Featured Experts

Darryl Hicks, CEO, Flexpay

Darryl has been active as a successful serial entrepreneur and technology expert for more than 20 years. A pioneer in Card Not Present sales, Darryl has extensive experience building and managing technologically complex online and offline Direct Marketing businesses. Darryl is the CEO, and Founder of FlexPay, a transaction processing gateway that leverages machine learning to reduce credit card declines, as well as performing transaction cost and risk arbitrage. FlexPay was born out of necessity to optimize the significant volume of credit card processing within his Marketing and e-commerce businesses.

Darryl has founded or co-founded several successful B2C and B2B businesses in the past, servicing millions of consumer customers across four continents, successfully exiting from two larger companies (2006, 2011). He has also served on the boards of multiple early-stage companies, holds technology patents, and serves as an active advisor to many e-commerce and Direct Marketing entrepreneurs.

Robbie Kellman Baxter

Advisor to the world's leading subscription-based companies. Keynote Speaker, Author of THE MEMBERSHIP ECONOMY and THE FOREVER TRANSACTION. Helping companies develop and optimize membership models and subscription pricing. Deep expertise in subscription-based and SaaS businesses, and the Membership Economy.

Kathy Greenler Sexton,
CEO, Subscription Insider 

Kathy Greenler Sexton is the CEO of Subscription Insider and a recognized expert in subscription business models, market strategy, brand development, and information products. Subscription Insider is an information company focused on delivering news and insight for growing profitable subscription businesses. Learn more at and